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We can help, when other lenders say no! Bad credit mortgage loans no problem!

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Get the Best Refinance Mortgage Loan & Interest Rates Online using’s loan bid system. We will process your loan request through our loan bid system to match your loan request with up to three lenders to provide you the very best loan offer. You will get the very best mortgage loan offer with one easy step. Let Bid On My Loan do the work, saving you time and hassle, and get you approved fast! 

Our unique system was created especially for you, the consumer. It provides you a fast and convenient method to receive the most competitive mortgage loan offer(s) from national, regional, and local Lenders from across the U.S. The exclusive Bid On My Loan system provides an easy way to submit one simple loan request and our system will match you with competitive Lenders for the absolute best mortgage refinance rates! There is no need to deal with multiple lenders to find the best possible bid offer to meet your home mortgage, refinance, home equity, or debt consolidation loan needs.  Bidonmyloan does all the work for you.  There is No Obligation and There's Nothing to Lose! does not charge any service fee to match borrowers with lenders. Yet, we help you find some of the best refinance, home mortgage, and related loan rates! Save yourself a lot of the legwork, and let Bid On My Loan help you find the most competitive interest rates offered.


How Bid On My Loan Works For You!

 How Bid On My Loan Works for you!After you submit your loan bid request, we will match your request with up to three lenders to find you the absolute best loan offer and competitive bid possible to meet your needs. We will try to match you with Lenders that are close to your geograchic area. The lenders will then contact you and begin the approval process. You get the best competitive offer possible and avoid being inundated with calls from numerous Lenders. We believe that when lenders bid you win as they compete to give you the best offer!

Bad Credit Home Loans - Don't Settle for High Rates

Even those with Bad Credit can find Competitive Home Mortgage Loans. If you don't have perfect credit, you may think you can’t get approved, or you will have to settle for the first offer that comes along. That is not so. Our system is set up so that even consumers with bad credit can get home loans. We have programs for all credit scores to help you get the very best loan rate possible.  We understand that even people with adverse credit still need competitive mortgage and home equity loans, as well as refinance or debt consolidation loans. Our Debt Consolidation Loans page contains excellent information and assistance regarding securing loans and dealing with bad credit. We're here to help you.  

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 Find a Home Mortgage Refinance Loan!Simply complete our online loan request. We do the rest! Once we receive your loan bid request we will match your request with lenders that can offer you the best and lowest interest rate, lowest monthly payment, lowest closing cost, and best overall deal. By giving Lenders the opportunity to compete, you’re sure to get what best fits your home mortgage refinance loan needs, and you truly come out the WINNER!  Remember, we want to help you find the best possible refinance and home mortgage loan rates, or home equity and debt consolidation loan rates:

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